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What is testosterone? Increased testosterone in men. Testosterone tablets

Many young people, having heard that it is possible to build muscle with the help of a hormone, begin to be interested in the question: what is testosterone? In fact, it is possible to use this substance only under certain medical indications, otherwise its use may harm the body.

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Despite the fact that there are certain numbers in which the content of testosterone must fit, its value may sometimes change. Most often these are minor fluctuations that do not go beyond the specified limits, in rare cases there may be slight deviations from the norm. The amount of testosterone in men varies depending on the How to increase testosterone time of day, its maximum content falls on 5-7 in the morning, as a result of which an erection occurs. In women, the concentration of the hormone is affected by the physiological conditions of the body. During pregnancy and ovulation, testosterone is produced in large quantities. A decrease in the hormone is observed during menopause.

Pathological changes in testosterone levels. Changing the amount of hormone indicates a violation of its regulation. Increased testosterone in men or in women may indicate damage to the hypothalamic-pituitary system, the cortical layer of the adrenal glands or sexual glands. The same can be said about the decrease in the amount of the hormone. The main causes of increased testosterone levels are tumors that may have different localization. If a neoplasm is suspected, a thorough diagnosis should be made. The first step is to make an x-ray or MRI of the brain and an ultrasound of the adrenal glands. Most often, an increase in testosterone levels leads to changes in these organs.

In addition, a testicular tumor can lead to an increase in hormone production. In order to identify it, they carry out palpation induject-250 of the male genital glands, after which they produce instrumental methods of research. A decrease in testosterone may be due to age-related changes (most often observed after 40 years), a sedentary lifestyle, overweight, scrotal injury, cryptorchism, and an inflammatory process in the testicles.

Symptoms of enhanced hormone production. Increased testosterone in men can be observed at any age. However, this change is most often noticed in children. Blood for testosterone should be donated in childhood, when adolescence has not yet arrived. In adult males, raising hormone levels is harder to notice. The main features are:

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Excessive growth of body and face hair.

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Increased libido, frequent and prolonged erection.

testosterone levels

Low voice timbre.

Aggressiveness and mood changes.

Developed muscles.

Signs of increased testosterone levels in women are hirsutism, low timbre of the voice, acne, broad shoulders, and a man-like physique.

Products containing hormone

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With small quantitative fluctuations, you can independently control testosterone. Products containing a hormone are used in the preparation of many dishes, so it is very important to keep track of your diet. These include meat, nuts, sea food, herbs, red berries. Among the fruits that contain a lot of testosterone, note pineapple, melon, orange, apricots and peaches. The hormone is also present in vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini and cabbage) and vegetable oil. In order to reduce testosterone, you must limit yourself to the use of these products. Those who have testo mix a hormone produced in small quantities, you can also adjust its level through diet. To increase testosterone you need to eat as much protein food as possible, in particular, lean meat and vegetable oil. When it is impossible to achieve the proper level of the hormone with the help of a diet, they resort to medical treatment.

Testosterone pills With the current use of steroids has become the norm for many young people. Some of them are ready for anything to gain muscle mass. However, taking testosterone pills without the need is impossible. It is necessary only in case of deficiency of the hormone, which cannot be compensated by diet. If at the time of testing for the content of testosterone revealed its lack, then it is necessary to refer to the endocrinologist. Only a doctor can determine whether to take a hormone, and in what quantities. Indications for testosterone use in men:

Delayed puberty in boys.

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adrenal glands

Poor development of male organs.

Condition after removal of the testicles (postcastration syndrome).

Violation of the formation of sperm.

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Poor semen quality.

Infertility of unknown origin.



In some cases, testosterone is prescribed and women, most often it must be used in combination with female sex hormones – estrogen. Indications for use are: osteoporosis, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), breast cancer.

Medicines containing the male sex hormoneWhat drugs should be used to increase testosterone? Drugs that contain the male sex hormone are available under various names. Dosage form can be represented by tablets, solution for injection, gel for external use. The most common of these drugs are: Testosterone Propionate, Andriol, Nebido, Omnadren-250, Sustanon-250. All of them are based on hormone esters and have the same indications for use. To abuse testosterone drugs is extremely dangerous! An overdose of the hormone can cause testicular atrophy. This is due to the fact that the sex glands have feedback with the hypothalamic-pituitary system. Among the side effects of testosterone drugs are edema, muscle pain, nausea, acne, hypertension, and adenoma and prostate cancer. If these symptoms appear, the medication should be stopped or the dose reduced.